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Gazpacho de fresas

Strawberries gazpacho

This is perfect recipe for summer, refreshing and very easy to prepare. Take it to the beach or picnic. Level: Super-Easy Serves: …


Lentils with vegetables.

Level: Easy Serves: 4 Ingredients: 300 gr lentils. 200 gr pumpkin or zucchini diced. 1 onion chopped. 3-4 carrots sliced. 1 tomato …


Olive oil biscuits

These biscuits are known by the traditional brand name. Originally, they were created as long-term food for sailors and have become an …


“Sopes” bread and cabbage soup

The “sopas” are part of a fundamental of the Mallorcan cuisine, are the essence of seasonal cuisine, ingredients depend on the season …


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