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Mediterranean cuisine


Mallorcan pastry.

Every week I bake a different pastry dish, as cocarrois, empanadas and espinagadas, with fish or meat. You can order that you …


Olive oil biscuits

These biscuits are known by the traditional brand name. Originally, they were created as long-term food for sailors and have become an …

New date 21.03

We have a new date and new menu for Friday March 21st. You can see the full offering in section Dates or …

Purple carrots stew.

A classic recipe of Mallorcan cuisine, is very easy to do, this time I’ve used fresh sausages in place of “butifarrón” and have …

Nuevo destino

Sa Llebre se marcha, temporalmente, donde vamos seguiremos divulgando la cocina de las islas y la mediterránea, quizás no tengamos todos los …

Bunyols – Buñuelos

Esta tarde me ha dado por hacer buñuelos, la receta es muy sencilla, lo más divertido es conseguir que queden con agujero, …

Moras silvestres en sorbete

La cosecha de ayer, moras silvestres y algunos pinchazos. A estas horas ya están convertidas en sorbete.


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