Spinach, green onions and sardines “coca” (pastry or flat bread)

cocaverdures01The coca is a pastry typically consumed in Balearic Islands, Catalonia, Valencia and eastern parts of Aragón.

The most usual preparations in Mallorca are with vegetables, trampo (a combination of green pepper, onion and tomato) consumed in summer, roasted red peppers … there are many variations.

Level: MED

Serves: 6 – 8


  • 270 gr. (approx.) flour, preferably whole grain.
  • 140 gr. watter.
  • 65 gr. olive oil.
  • 15 gr. fresh yeast.
  • 5 green onions.
  • 250 gr. spinach.
  • Some sprigs of parsley.
  • 4 or 6 canned sardines.
  • 1 tomato.
  • 1 TSP paprika.
  • Salt


In a bowl mix the yeast with the tempered water, add oil, progressively add the flour until a smooth mass, let stand in a warm place while you prepare the vegetables.

Clean and cut the spinach and green onion, chop parsley, mix vegetables in a bowl, season with salt, paprika and a drizzle of olive oil. Cut the tomato into slices and set aside.

Roll out the dough on a baking tray greased with oil, cover with vegetable mixture, distribute sardines and tomato slices over vegetables.

Bake at 170 about 25 minutes, until the dough is ready.

For the vegetables do not burn you can cover the “coca” with foil and uncover shortly before finishing the cooking.


You can use other combinations of ingredients, eg I used dried tomatoes in olive oil and anchovies, I put once baked the “coca”

spinach coca

anchovies coca

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